Proudly a Preferred Marketing Vendor of Lagree Fitness

Since 2019, Rexpert Marketing has stood as Lagree Fitness’s preferred marketing vendor who specializes in SEO (search engine optimization).

As such, we have a thorough understanding of the Lagree Method, the licensing process, the teacher certification process, Lagree machines and equipment, and everything in between. This in-depth knowledge gives us a unique full circle understanding of all things Lagree Fitness. That’s what gives us the exclusive ability to grow your studio’s online presence, brand, and clientele.

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Digital Marketing for Lagree Studios

How We Help Lagree Studios

We understand both the pain points and strengths that Lagree licensees face, and we know how to highlight the strengths as well as address and remedy the pain-points to help Lagree reach new heights.

At Rexpert Marketing, we are prepared to provide the following services for Lagree Fitness studios:

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Business Listing Management
  • Photography and Videography

Common Questions from Lagree Licensees

This, of course, is a question we were faced with when first beginning our journey as the SEO experts for Lagree Fitness. As we all know, the Lagree Fitness brand has evolved immensely over the last few years, and so has the brand recognition. But, that may not be the same case in other areas where Lagree has not yet become a household name (but hold on to your shorts because we are getting there!). While there are numerous tactics we use to raise awareness about your studio, we have found that one of the most effective is targeting those interested in or looking for Pilates studios or low-impact, HIIT workouts. When they arrive to your website, they are then educated on Lagree and its relation (and, more than anything, its differences from Pilates). Now, before you yell, “LAGREE IS NOT PILATES.” Rest assured, we know this—but it’s all part of bringing awareness to your studio and getting these new users to walk in and (hopefully) sign up for a membership at your Lagree studio.

Get yourself a free consultation with our team here at Rexpert Marketing. Each studio will have its own set of challenges which means each studio will need unique marketing efforts. At Rexpert Marketing, we work with various budgets to ensure marketing campaigns are accessible for every size Lagree studio.

We may be bias, but we believe having a beautiful and functional, easy-to-navigate website is crucial because it serves as the digital face of your studio, making a strong first impression on users. Not only does a badass website enhance the user-experience, but it also establishes credibility and establishes brand identity—all of which instills trust and encourages user engagement.

Interested in Getting Started? Have More Questions? Get in Touch with Us.

At Rexpert Marketing, we are here to help Lagree licensees grow their online presence and clientele. As Lagree Fitness’ preferred marketing vendor since 2019, we are committed to the Lagree brand and fueling the fire to make Lagree Fitness a household name in every city.

Digital Marketing for Lagree Studios
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