Is SEO Important for Businesses?

Is SEO Important for Businesses?

When it comes to growing your business, the internet is the place to make it happen. According to various sources, more than 40,000 Google searches are processed every second. This equates to nearly 3.5 billion searches every day. So, does your business need to have an online presence? The short answer: It sure helps!

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The process of creating a website with healthy SEO is quite tedious and, in reality, a never-ending process that can create incredible results for businesses. Let’s break it down with an example:

Tracy is searching for a plumber in Santa Monica. Using his phone or laptop, he types in “Santa Monica Plumber” into a Google search. Google will then return pages and pages of search results, also referred to as SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Each page will contain 10 organic search results. Now, Tracy will, more than likely, only look at the results on the first page of Google’s search results to find the plumber he believes will best fit his needs.

What does this have to do with SEO? Those businesses that appeared on page one of Google’s search results as a result of Tracy’s search are those who have utilized healthy SEO tactics!

In short, the likelihood of a person selecting your business for their services or product greatly increases the higher your business ranks on Google’s SERPs.

SEO Helps Your Business Capture Traffic YOU Actually Want

SEO boosts the quality of the traffic that flows to your site! This means that by using healthy SEO tactics, your business can attract the organic traffic you actually want.

For the sake of an example, let’s return to the original example of Tracy looking for a plumber in Santa Monica:

If the business who appeared in the #1 position on the SERPs for “Santa Monica plumber” did not actually serve the Santa Monica area, Tracy would have wasted his time contacting that business, and, in turn, that business would have also wasted time addressing a non-converting lead.

In short, each business should optimize their site with the goal of attracting traffic that will convert to a sale or service offered by the company. SEO allows your company to concentrate on specific locations and concentrated groups of people who will more likely utilize your service or purchase your product.

More traffic = More leads = More chances for conversion = More money in your pocket

SEO Helps Build Trust with Your Customers

SEO can also help your business build trust with potential customers. How? If someone hears about your business through another source, let’s say via word of mouth, he or she will more than likely do an internet search to learn more about your business, services, and prices. If you do not appear in the search results or have a weak online presence, customers may not trust your business and may move on to contacting a competitor. Yikes!

Now, on the contrary, if a person hears of your business, finds your business online and sees that your online presence is strong, they will associate that with your business’s reputation and will, more than likely, contact your company to purchase a service or product. Hurray!

This means that SEO entails more than just your website. SEO also involves your offsite online presence with tools such as GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, Facebook, WhitePages, and way WAY more. (It’s a good thing Rexpert Marketing handles it all!)

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