The Most Difficult Lesson to Learn: You Get What You Pay For (In Most Cases)

The Most Difficult Lesson to Learn: You Get What You Pay For (In Most Cases)

When it comes to the world of digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization), there’s a company on nearly every corner stating they are “the most affordable” or offer “one-time payment only—no monthly services needed”! While that may sound like the best option, especially for newly emerging businesses, going the cheaper route can end up costing you more of your hard-earned cash in the future. Here’s why.

A “Cheap” Website Design = A (Mediocre) Template and Lack of Proper Setup

With all the website design tools that exist, it can be confusing for business owners to choose which is right for them. This process is often further complicated when business owners do not truly understand what search engines, like Google, weigh when evaluating the trustworthiness and credibility of a website. Simply having a website for your business is not good enough to grow your business. Period.

An effective website with dynamic SEO must carefully consider the following:

  • High-quality content
  • Site speed
  • User-friendliness and user-experience (UX)
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Responsiveness
  • Keywords in meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Keywords in H1s, H2s, and other headers
  • Backlinks
  • Website security and SSL Certificate
  • Internal linking

If the factors listed above along with many other more detailed factors are not taken into consideration during the design and build process, you may find yourself having to pay for another build in the near future.

Our Advice: Do it right the first time, and you will never have to do it again.

You Pay for the Experience—Not the Product at Face-Value

Anyone can build a decent looking site, but not everyone has the experience to differentiate a pretty site with oohs-and-ahs from the sites that are ready to reach the masses. Top-tier web designers and SEO gurus spend years and even decades mastering their art and honing their skills to bring dominating strategies to the table. A “more affordable” option may be able to deliver what you want to hear, but ultimately, you’ll find yourself making change after change to catch up to your competition. Only a true expert backed by ample experience can deliver the custom strategy your company needs to stand out from the rest.

Our Advice: Trust those with experience — not those trying to make a quick buck.

A Cheaper Option Means Cheaper Content—And No One Wants to Read Garbage

When it comes to the content on your site, you want it to leave the user thinking, “I need this service,” or “I want to learn more,” or, “This company really knows there stuff.” However (and this is a big however), the content also needs to be written to be seen and noticed by search engines. Guess who has a difficult time doing both? That’s right—the cheaper, less-trained options. When choosing a team to build your site or write your content, be sure to get an example of content they have written before and check to see it is written with proper punctuation and grammar, is enticing to your potential customer, and contains all the proper SEO practices to help your company rank in the search results.

Our Advice: Go with a team backed by experience in all areas of content. At Rexpert Marketing, our CEO is both a college English professor and an SEO expert, giving our clients the best of both worlds.

Don’t Go Cheap—Go with the Best Bang for Your Buck

At Rexpert Marketing, we don’t compete to be the cheapest—we compete to be the best in the market. We pride ourselves in the work we deliver, our rapid turnaround time, and our quick communications with our clients. We know that when our clients sign with us, they can rest easily knowing their marketing strategy is in the hands of a highly trained team who is ready to grow their business the right way.

Ready to chat with us? Contact us today, and let our team provide you with dynamic marketing solutions and options. Our Los Angeles digital marketing team is ready to take your business to the next level.