Tier 3

The Rextraordinary

Onsite SEO and unlimited offsite SEO

  • Copywrite/copyedit main pages to improve user-friendliness and SEO optimization
  • Add necessary sub-pages to further optimize the site and add niche optimization
  • Optimize all headers, meta titles, meta descriptions for all main pages on site
  • Add CTA’s (Call to Actions) on main pages to funnel users
  • Crosslink from main pages to child pages; cross-link from child pages to parent pages
  • Homepage makeover to showcase what the business does and where they do it in the most streamlined fashion possible (May include adding graphics and buttons to interact with users)
  • 2-4 blogs per month (can be client requested) + unlimited social postings
  • Create healthy backlinks for the site by adding business to various credible listings, including those within the business’s niche area
  • Listing reply service to optimize business’s reputation and online presence
  • Competitor analysis (when necessary) to determine what competitors are doing (in regards to SEO) to rank higher
  • NAP investigation to ensure consistency across internet existence
  • Miscellaneous work which can also be customized
  • User-friendliness Audit
  • SSL Site Check
  • SEO Tech Check
  • Functionability Audit/Technical Audit
  • Ad promotions including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and others to drive traffic to site
  • YEXT listing services (only available at highest end of Tier 3)

***This package offers the client about 16-20 hours of work per month

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